About Us

We bring our clients as close to the farm as possible with organic cannabis grown and harvested in the ideal climate of our Southern Oregon farm.

About Cascadia Blooms Direct

We dedicate our farm rituals to growing organic and sustainable industrial hemp. Sun-grown and harvested with love and expertise in Southern Oregon. Cascadia Blooms Direct leverages the perfect weather conditions and climate for cannabis cultivation. Our cannabis plants are showered by the best growing and breeding conditions allowing us to produce the absolute highest quality hemp available. We source our craft market-leading genetics from globally dominating cannabis breeding companies.

Our range of products is extensive and intricate – as part of our mission, we aim to bring the end users of our products as close to the farm as possible. Our range includes smokeable premium hemp flowers, full-spectrum hemp oil, in-house pre-rolls, hand-pressed moonrocks, gummies, and more.

Cascadia Blooms Direct Farm

Pure, Organic Hemp Grown Under the Oregon Sun

Our Farms

We selected the land for our farm in West Medford, Oregon, because it features the ideal combination of climate and soil for the cultivation of high-quality, organic cannabis flower. We use only organic biomass composting and a broad strain cover crop to increase VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) for fertility. This means that our soil is fertilized without using animal manure of any kind, so you can be sure you’re getting the cleanest, healthiest hemp possible. And because hemp is a bio-accumulator, it can absorb heavy metals from contaminated soils – so you can rest assured that our plants are as pure as can be.

We Care for Our Plants Naturally

Protected by Cover Crop and Fed by an Underground River

Our flowers are grown using sustainable methods that preserve the quality of the blooms. We have our own deeded irrigation wells that tap an underwater river, ensuring our plants are watered with clean water. We don’t use plastic mulch or harmful pesticides – instead, we let our cover crop do its job of choking out any weed seedlings. And because we’re always in the field, close to our plants, we’re able to notice any problems that may arise and take care of them immediately.

Fully Tested and Quality Assured

Our Strict Quality Control Assures our Product’s Purity and Effectiveness.

Cascadia Blooms Direct<br />
Fully Tested

Cascadia Blooms Direct CBD is grown in Oregon under guidelines established by state and federal law and with strict quality control to assure the product’s purity and effectiveness. Our commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of our operation, from seed to sale.

The state of Oregon demands mandatory testing. The processes are carried out by third-party laboratories that report directly to the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) to comply with the state laws and the 2018 Farm Bill.

To ensure our products’ highest quality and high-grade purity, we go the extra mile and obtain third-party testing on all of our products. In addition to that, we conduct vigorous and thorough full-field pesticide testing. We provide all the test results to our customers for full transparency. What we sell is the purest, most natural form of this gift of nature.


Committed to Innovation in Organic Farming Methods

We are researching permaculture, regenerative farming, and complementary farming of hemp alongside fruits and vegetables (Blackberries, Plums, Pears, Grapes & Pumpkins). We must thank Oregon State University’s SOREC center for helping us optimize soil fertility via organic composting.

Soil fertility via organic composting and organic insect maintenance