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Highest Quality CBD Hemp, Hand Crafted to Combat Life with the power to Elevate Mind and Spirit.

Our farms utilize the power of nature to transform freshly fallen snow into the pure, undiluted, and irrigated water that breathes life into our organic hemp crops!

Organic Hemp Products Packaged in
Our Signature Nitrogen-Flushed, Hermetically Sealed Hemp Canister

Our hemp canister is made of thick cardboard with a food-grade silver foil-wrapped interior. It is water resistant, recyclable, and has the highest quality air barrier seal in the industry. The canister is highly rigid and protects the integrity of your flower no matter what it encounters. We want your flower to look, feel, and smell the same way we experience it here at the farm. Enjoy your flower 100% fresh – guaranteed!


Premium, Organically-Grown CBD Products

Direct from our Farm

We offer a variety strains of CBD, and can help you find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you want to vape it, smoke it, bake it into a meal or dessert, or use a tincture, we’ve got you covered.

Lemon Octane Cover

Lemon Octane

Creamy citrus aroma and a sour hint of high octane diesel fuel must give this strain it’s name. These dense and well structured bud’s earthy colors shimmer with a coating of hazy trichomes. Twist up a phatty and fill up your tank with the Lemon Octane.

CBD 1000 MG Tincture Cover

CBD Full Spectrum 1000mg 

Our CBD full spectrum tincture is probably the closest you can get without actually visiting! Grown with love, care, and environmental consciousness in Southern Oregon, Cascadia Blooms’ hemp plants are a testament to a proud growing tradition celebrated worldwide.

HCC Gummies Cover

HHC Gummies 

Try our Hydroxyhexahydrocannabinol or easier said, HHC gummies. Moving into first place as the strongest gummy we currently offer, at 50mg per gummy. These juicy bites will elevate you to the next level with an extra strength rush of euphoria and clarity.

Cascadia Blooms Direct

About Us

Sustainable and Organic Farming; Premium Products

At Cascadia Blooms Direct CBD, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality CBD products. We grow our hand-bred craft flower on our Oregon farm, under guidelines established by state and federal law, and with strict quality control to assure the product’s purity and effectiveness.

We are committed to sustainable farming practices and use only organic methods in our cultivation of industrial hemp. Sun-grown and harvested with love and expertise in Southern Oregon, our products are your best choice for the highest quality CBD products available.

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The Highest Quality CBD Products Available


We are dedicated to not just sustaining our beautiful environment but to innovation in farming that will make it thrive today, tomorrow, and forever.

Direct from Our Farm

100% of our hemp is grown right here on our Oregon farm. We uphold Oregon’s cannabis cultivation and breeding heritage – the ideal conditions on our farm make for the highest quality hemp available.


Our hemp is 100% organic – we have optimized our soil fertility via organic biomass composting to increase Volatile Organic Compounds for the purest hemp.


These folks grow some amazing hemp!
Luca Monte
Luca Monte
Cascadia offers an excellent, premium-grade line of products, is incredibly affordable, and is often provided with an extra promotional discount code during most holidays; October was a 50% discount, making things even more enjoyable. Their products are organic, sun-grown, air-dried, hand-trimmed, impeccably packed, and hermetically sealed, plus free shipping! I have been a loyal customer for over a year and strongly recommend them.
Aidan Dirlam
Aidan Dirlam
The flower is amazing, check them out. I love the zkittles and Hawaiian haze. Very happy with my orders!
Stephen Kinnie
Stephen Kinnie
Chris Auletta
Chris Auletta
These are some of the best quality gummies I have ever tried. I find it tough to fall asleep at night and if I take 1-2 of either the delta 8 or 9 gummies I fall asleep comfortably and get the best night sleep. I also wake up refreshed and ready to go after a great night sleep. These have been a game changer for me. Highly recommend their products.
Silent Lucidity
Silent Lucidity
I got 2 half oz 1 was thco the other lifter then 3 7 gram of zittles D8 bubba66 and blueberry funk The shipping was super fast the products are so fresh and super potent! thank you cascadia blooms for the great products!
mike bern
mike bern
I made my first purchase from Cascadia Blooms recently and am completely satisfied with my purchase. Taste, appearance and smell are all good, the effects are great and the price is good too. Delivery was fast and they even threw in a 1/4 of lifter for free.
I recently received a can for $65 of CBG White ftwo orders and one order of Suver Haze each of the two strains were both packed in the same can without any separation. There was only a piece of paper with two labels on it not separating but tucked inside the buds to the left side of said can.There was no way to determine which buds were CBG White and which buds Suver Haze. I contacted the Cascadia employee about this with three different emails only to be told that the two strains were indeed packed in one can separated by paper. They were not and as I poured out the can of buds onto a paper towel to inspect them I could NOT distinguish which strain was which. All buds were of the same color only different sizes. Cascadia needs to note somewhere in the box or on a can before one opens the can that more than one strain is inside and clearly mark each strain separately. I cannot get my $65 back because I cannot distinguish which buds are which now that I poured them out together. AVOID ordering more than one stain at a time or this will happen to you! I shall not be buying these products again.
Jacob Hicks
Jacob Hicks
Great quality, super fresh flower & fast shipping. Highly recommend!